About to Get Married? Take a Compatibility Test First!

about to get married? take a compatibility test first!

When most couples tie the knot, divorce is far from their minds. But, according to a study by LPPKN, in 2014, more than one-third of first marriages ended in divorce after less than 5 years.

Deputy Women Minister Hannah Yeoh says there are various reasons for untying the knot, from snoring too loudly to long-term incompatibility. She also noted that most divorces involved couples aged between 30 and 34 years old.

Sadly, Hannah adds that many marriages fail because couples rush into them without knowing their partners well enough. As such, her ministry suggested several solutions, including for couples to take a voluntary compatibility quiz to REALLY get to know their partners.

As usual, Malaysians were divided in their responses. Some felt that the test might actually help to reduce divorces rates but others slammed the idea as unnecessary.

Can compatibility tests save marriages? We spoke to Benny Kong from Focus on the Family, an NGO that provides counseling to couples. He told us a compatibility test is a useful tool to determine if a partnership can last for the long-term.

Usually when we go dating or courting, we put our best foot forward and sometimes we don't see the other person for who they really are. So such tests give a real objective look at who we are. It’s good for self-awareness, and for us to be aware of our partner or our spouse.

Benny adds that the tests shouldn't be viewed negatively.

Any test or tool to help anybody to prepare for marriage is definitely helpful. If you think about it, even before we get a driving license, we do an eye test, and we take some kind of theory exam just to make sure we know the rules and regulations. So for anyone entering into a lifelong relationship, it definitely makes good sense to prepare for this lifelong journey.

Though money can be a sensitive topic, Benny advises couples to talk about financial management before saying “I do”. He also shared that couples should work on communication and conflict resolution to prepare for life together. 

Finally, a note to married couples, it's important to nurture the relationships, so go out on more regular date nights!

Written by Roshini Ravindran