A Story Of Empowering Women And Working Together

Every day is woman’s day! and what better way to celebrate than with a story of women slaying at what they do through hard work and friendship.

a story of empowering women and working togetherPhoto: Airbnb

Sharon and Wendy are an unlikely duo who bonded over their love for business and hosting.

Sharon previously worked as a software engineer at an MNC company in Penang, and later began running her own homestay business. Wendy, on the other hand, was a former banker and insurance consultant, who eventually moved on to have her own cleaning services company.

The two met through their individual businesses, as Wendy provided cleaning services for Sharon’s homestay business. It was not until 2018 when Sharon brought up the idea of joining forces to start hosting on Airbnb, the popular online marketplace that offers lodging and other tourism experiences, and began to work together as business partners

“Two heads are better than one” they both said.

For them, their relationship and business partnership worked out so well, as both shared the same values. They focus on treating their guest as friends and families rather than just hosting for revenues, and with every guest, it’s also an opportunity for them to broaden their social circle and meet more new friends from around the world.

a story of empowering women and working together

Photo: Airbnb

However, being Airbnb hosts is not a walk in the park.

From the hiring, training and retaining of good housekeepers to ensuring the quality of services/accommodation that they provide are of top quality, the challenges of hosting an Airbnb is definitely one that they need to overcome through teamwork and support from Airbnb and from each other.

In balancing their career and family at the same time, both agreed that being hosts on Airbnb gave them the flexibility of managing their own time based on their needs and is a lot more manageable compared to when they worked full-time jobs.

“We know have a lot more time to spend with our family. It (being an Airbnb Host) has definitely empowered us to have spent our time the way we like it, giving us work-life balance” they said.

And empowerment is definitely the right word to describe their experience as hosts.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that I made a right and wise choice, as I now get to live my way and be my boss,” said Sharon.

“Similarly, I also feel that ever since I was introduced to being an Airbnb Host, I have been able to be true to myself more. I’m glad to have expanded my social network while benefiting from financial gain” Wendy added.

For the women out there striving to make their marks either in their professional or personal lives, Wendy and Sharon both felt that being passionate about the things that you do and thinking positively are key in thriving in your businesses. 

Way to go, Sharon and Wendy, for showing everyone that no job is too big or too small when women join forces and feel empowered!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya