In The Trenches: Pick Your Ally in A Shop for Killers

Filled with action-packed fight scenes and adrenaline-pumping car chases, A Shop for Killers is now the hottest Korean crime series to binge on.

Starring Kim Hye-jun and Lee Dong-wook, the drama centres around protagonist Jeong Jian who finds herself in peril when her uncle unexpectedly dies, as a group of ruthless assassins emerge with just one objective: to kill her.

So, we’ve got one question for you, folks: who would you trust if you were the one being hunted by cold-blooded, professional killers? No escape routes, no trustworthy faces, and as for the friendly uncle – well, you’re not sure if he was who he claimed to be.

Which character would you put all your faith in to survive the chaos in A Shop for Killers? To help you pick, we’ve curated a list of our favourites below.

#1 Jeong Jinman

in the trenches: pick your ally in a shop for killers

Who better to have on your team than the mastermind and founder of Murthehelp himself - Jeong Jinman? Blessed with both brains and brawn, you can trust this cool uncle to stay level-headed when things go south. While some may say he’s a stickler for the rules when going on dangerous missions, the rules are there for a reason, right?

Jinman is also exceptionally skilled in handling all sorts of weapons, whether it's firearms, blades, or simply employing his physical prowess – you can be sure that he’ll come to your rescue at any time.

#2 Jeong Jian

in the trenches: pick your ally in a shop for killers

When you need to make a run for it, who better to trust than Jeong Jian, the beloved niece of Jeong Jinman and the brand-new owner of Murthehelp? 

She’s got it all – resourceful, brave, and a memory that’s sharper than your average assassin's knife. Having undergone training with Jinman himself, she might just be your secret weapon when you’re up against stone-cold killers.

#3 Bae Jungmin

in the trenches: pick your ally in a shop for killers

Bae Jungmin is everything you’d want in a friend. He’s ever so kind and understanding and probably gets along well with your family. Of course, you’ll need to ignore the fact that all of these lovely qualities are a mask for his calculative tendencies and survival instincts. 

Tech wizard? Check. Will do absolutely anything to save his own skin? Of course! Rescuing you from a bunch of assassins? Well, it pretty much depends on how much he likes you. 

#4 So Minhye

in the trenches: pick your ally in a shop for killers

Decked out in a chic bob and blood-red lipstick, with reflexes as quick as a whip, So Minhye is your golden ticket out of a tough bind. A woman of many talents, Minhye is an expert in both hand-to-hand combat, and weaponry, and a master of using her surroundings to her advantage.

A top-tier assassin and spy, Minhye is the perfect companion to take out ruthless villains in an underground shopping mall.

#5 Bale

in the trenches: pick your ally in a shop for killers

Known as a merciless assassin, Bale is the cold-blooded version of uncle Jinman. They share similar abilities, but calculative Bale puts his interests above all else and will do whatever it takes to stay alive, and more importantly, undetected. 

Sure, he may have dropped the bomb about killing just for the fun of it, but when you’re in survival mode, having a teammate who will stop at nothing may just be what it takes to save you. 

#6 Pasin

in the trenches: pick your ally in a shop for killers

Pasin is what you would call a dandelion in the wind: patient and good-natured. As a trained Muay Thai fighter, the food in his restaurant isn’t the only thing he’s good at dishing out. In combat mode, Pasin can take down anyone with just a puff of air – remarkable, right? 

As Jian’s second mentor next to uncle Jinman, Pasin is a worthy adversary to both friends and foes. Even though you won’t leave your wallet near him (it’s not recommended!), Pasin will have your back in a deadly fight.

Pick your poison – which of these characters would you want on your side?

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