A Message From Datuk Lee Chong Wei

a message from datuk lee chong wei

Our National Day is right around the corner, and patriotic spirits are on the rise. Our beloved badminton player, Datuk Lee Chong Wei released a photo on Instagram today reminding us all to stay united.


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In the picture, Datuk Lee Chong Wei can be seen holding our national flag proudly, with a gold medal in his hand. His caption is a lengthy one, but well worth the read. He recalls the time someone said Malaysian Chinese would support Lin Dan in a match against Misbun, and reminds us that Misbun is our countryman. As Malaysians, we cheer for our country, not for a race, and that we should not forego these values just because someone tried to sow disharmony. 

He added on that we should not let recent racial issues tear us apart and that we should not allow our country to be so easily defeated by some people inciting racial hatred. Speaking with his sons in mind, he said he wants them to have multiracial friends and to feel safe and at home in our country.

a message from datuk lee chong wei

Going back to when Malaysia won the Thomas Cup in 1992, Datuk Lee Chong Wei recalled that Punch Gunalan was the team manager, Razif was the Captain, Rashid was the most talented, Kok Keong was the fighter and that Beng Kiang delivered the winning smash. It took teamwork from everyone, of all different races, to come together for a victory. 

This touching sentiment is something we should all keep in mind as we countdown to the nation’s 62nd birthday. Harmony and unity is what makes us who we are. Happy National Day!

What are your plans for August 31st?