A Look At RapidKL’s First Day Back In Operation

It’s the first day of the conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). While this may be an indicator of our lives slowly resuming back to normal, many of us are actually anxious about leaving the house, especially those who are going back to the office and imagining a packed LRT and bus stations.

Luckily, RapidKL is prepared for its first day of operation with detailed guidelines on how to ensure passengers are safe while using its services.

In a statement released across its social media pages, RapidKL outlined its social distancing rules by allowing only a certain number of passengers onboard its trains and buses at a certain time and increasing its waiting time to avoid congestion.

Temperature checks are also administered across stations with those having high temperatures banned from entering its facilities and advised to visit the nearby clinic. Passengers are also required to wear a face mask and apply hand sanitizer at all times while practising social distancing rules by standing at the X sign marked on the floors.

Earlier, RapidKL tweeted a few photos of its staff getting ready to receive passengers for its first day back in operation during what is called the “new normal”.

RapidKL shared a few pictures from this morning showing citizens abiding by the guidelines being set in place and that the situation at the stations were very much under control.

Passengers on the trains today have also commended the efforts of RapidKL to ensure the safety of its passengers noting that the trains weren’t as crowded as it used to be during peak hours.

We hope Malaysians are prepared for the new normal as this may be the future of commuting for many Malaysians amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. Practice social distancing and stay safe, everyone!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya