70% Of Malaysians Surveyed Plan To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

Snap Inc. recently released its findings on how Snapchatters around the globe are celebrating this unusual holiday season. 

The survey covered more than 7,200 respondents across 17 countries, including Malaysia.

70% of malaysians surveyed plan to celebrate new year’s eve at home

Preparing for the holiday season

After a challenging year, Snapchatters are ready for some much-needed holiday cheer. 

57% of global Snapchatters are looking forward to kicking off 2021, with Malaysia coming in above average at 64%.

New Year’s Eve parties will likely be on hiatus this year due to the pandemic, with 7 out of 10 Snapchatters in Malaysia expecting to ring in 2021 from home.

Gifting and giving back

Giving back is an important activity during this time of the year, and most Snapchatters across all markets surveyed report that they’ll be giving the same amount or more to charity this year - led by Brazil (86%), Malaysia (84%), and Indonesia (83%).

Creative ways to commemorate the season

Snapchatters love taking photos and videos during the holidays, and sometimes this includes taking photos or videos with digital effects or using holiday lenses and filters.

And because of that, Snapchat is introducing a series of holiday-themed Lenses to celebrate the season.

70% of malaysians surveyed plan to celebrate new year’s eve at home

Santa’s Beard Lens: Have your very own Tim Allen “The Santa Clause” moment, and transform into Santa right before your eyes! Start recording your Snap and simply drag your finger across the slider to grow your own Santa beard.

Family Portrait Lens: What could be more on-the-nose for 2020 than a “family portrait,” of just you?! See yourself as your own set of family members through a combination of ML Lens technologies.

Although the holidays are undoubtedly different this year, a focus on family, friends, and a fresh start in 2021 unites Snapchatters around the world, providing opportunities for engagement, community, and connection.

70% of malaysians surveyed plan to celebrate new year’s eve at home

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, guys!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat