7 Places In Jakarta That Make The City Perfect For Book And Art Lovers

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These are things people would usually look for when they’re planning a trip to Jakarta: hipster cafes, food, the beach, and where to shop—all of which cater to ‘mainstream’ tourists.

But what about secret gems for those who love books and arts?

Here are the best spots for you to immerse in Jakarta’s vibrant art and literary scene:

#1 POST Bookshop


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A quaint independent bookshop which also holds creative events such as workshops, book launches and book discussions! They support local and international writers.  


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#2 Gerai Salihara


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This gem of a store is located within an arts complex. If you’re looking for rare books by Indonesian writers, then this would be the place for you. Besides that, the store also sells crafts by local artists and CDs.


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#3 Aksara


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Besides functioning as a bookstore, Aksara is also a place to connect the community with the arts so watch out for literary talks, book launches, and discussions for you to have with like-minded people. Their main branch in Kemang is the most popular, so make sure you head over there! Their book collections range from classics to the contemporary, and they also sell souvenirs and crafts.


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#4 Museum MACAN


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The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. Famous names have graced the museum with their artworks: Yayoi Kusama, Jeff Koons and Ai Wei Wei.


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#5 Art:1

7 places in jakarta that make the city perfect for book and art lovers

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Art:1 is Indonesia’s first private art museum opened to the public. Housing more than 2,500 artworks, Art:1’s collections include Old Masters, Indo-Euro, Modern Art and Contemporary artworks. Decorated artists who have been exhibited here include Renato Christino, Anusapati M Irfan, and Widayat.

7 places in jakarta that make the city perfect for book and art lovers

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#6 Wayang Orang Bharata


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Watch Indonesia’s traditional ‘human puppet’ show. The gamelan is usually used as the main instrument and the storylines are usually based on the Ramayana or Mahabrata saga. This venue is not only air-conditioned; the theatre also allows its audience to get food from street vendors nearby.


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#7 The Reading Room


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You’re at the end of your arts and literary journey in Jakarta. Naturally you’d want a place to wind down to read a good book while listening to good music and having a cuppa. The Reading Room gives you this, with thousands of books from its owner, Richard Oh’s collection of books to choose from.


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Time to plan your artsy vacation!

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