Father's Day Activities In Selangor: 7 Ideas To Celebrate Dad!

With Father's Day just around the corner, we've rounded together some of the best Father's Day activities in Selangor!

There are various Father's Day activities in and around Selangor, as well as top reasons for visiting places that are ideal for all ages and are guaranteed to be popular spots for all families. Father's Day is on Sunday, June 19th, and we've compiled a list of 7 fun activities to celebrate the man who raised you.

Go out and show your number one man a good time.

#1 Fishing at Jeti Sirip Biru, Bagan Lalang

The Jeti Sirip Biru located in Bagan Lalang is a popular destination for seafood enthusiasts (Local Fishing Center).

This area is famous among fathers who love fishing because it offers various fishing packages including deep sea, fishing while fishing and raft houses. There are more than ten raft houses available here, where anglers can spend the night with the family or join an event. Visitors can stay and spend the night in the raft house provided on the banks of the river while enjoying leisurely fishing activities with family and friends if they want to feel a different atmosphere and find tranquility.


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#2 Play Golf at Amverton Cove Golf, Pulau Carey

At Amverton Cove, families can spend time together while dads play 18 holes of golf on a course that has won awards.

Amverton Cove Golf Course is a great place to play golf for both pros and beginners. The golf course is in a beautiful location, with beaches, ponds, lakes, mangrove forests, and lots of greenery. Six holes are surrounded by a mangrove forest, and a path that goes to the back of hole 4 leads to a 70-meter walk through the tidal forest.

#3 Learn and Play Archery at Stars Archery, Sunway Pyramid

Stars Archery is the largest indoor long -distance archery operator in Malaysia, with the goal of bringing everyone to the fun of archery. This attraction will show your friends and family the unique and exciting sport of archery.

They have qualified archery instructors on hand to help and make sure the area is safe and comfortable. Anyone of any age can try out archery and have fun with this activity. Experienced archers who wish to use their own archery equipment at the range are also welcomed to do so under terms and conditions. More than just a game, it trains your coordination, estimation, ability to remain composed, and patience while you adjust to the feel of shooting an arrow.

#4 Karting at Morac Go Kart Track, 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

Morac Go Kart Track is just 20 minutes from the city and is located in Selangor’s most popular shopping complex, 1 Utama Shopping Center.

There is plenty of parking available, as well as a beautiful location for spectators and participants. The 420-meter field is designed so that everyone can enjoy karting without hesitation. Morac Go Kart Track is a fun kart track for the whole family. Everyone can enjoy a safe and fun time driving the all -new Sodikarts around the circuit. The Morac Go Kart Track is suitable for the whole family, including children as young as seven (Those who exceed their height restrictions).

#5 Lunch at House of Kambing, MAEPS Serdang

House of Kambing Restaurant, located at MAEPS Serdang, serves one of the best roasted lambs (Kambing Bakar) in Selangor. Because the restaurant specialises in the "Farm to Table" concept, every meal on the menu is assured to be exceptionally fresh.

The House of Kambing is a one-of-a-kind restaurant because of its ability to offer good food yet at a reasonable price. The exceptional lamb preparation, marinating, and cooking will leave you wanting more. Fortunately, there are plenty of delectable options. Their specialty is 'Kambing Bakar' with steamed rice. It included a meal of freshly marinated lamb and a platter of steamed rice, which will please your father.

#6 Visit National Automobile Museum, Sepang International Circuit, Sepang

The National Automobile Museum is located at the Sepang International Circuit. The introductory segment of the National Automobile Museum, which covers the history of Malaysia’s transportation development and early cars, is on display on the ground floor.

Brushmobile and Ford Speedster are two examples of cars that have been used in Malaysia. The Sepang International Circuit is the next stage, hosting sporting events such as Formula One races, International Super GT Series races, and MotoGP races. DRB-Hicom, PROTON, BUFORI, MODENAS, and PERODUA are some of the Malaysian companies that contribute to and improve the Malaysian automobile sector. Various collections of the company’s cars and motorcycles are on display.

Looks like we got our father's day plan sorted!