5 Tips To Pooch-Proof Your Road Trip

5 tips to pooch-proof your road trip
(Photo: Ali Wunderman, www.mic.com)

Travelling with a pet in a car can be lots of fun. What’s better than going on a road trip with your fur-buddy? After all, they are part of the family too! Although the idea of taking your pet with you on a holiday sounds exciting, there are some things to keep in mind to prepare for your pet before you hit the road. Here are 5 tips that can help you and your pet for a smooth journey ahead. 

1. Prepare your pet for travelling
We suggest that you take your pet for a test drive to see how it would react in a moving vehicle. If your pet is not accustomed to riding the car, they may need time to get used to the motion. You can start by making short trips to the grocery store and gradually stretch the drive longer as your pet gets comfortable in the car.

2.  Safety first 

5 tips to pooch-proof your road tripPhoto: www.khpet.com

5 tips to pooch-proof your road tripPhoto: www.aliexpress.com

To ensure your pet’s safety, put together a carrier that’s securely buckled into a seat while the vehicle is in motion, and make sure it is comfortable for your pet throughout the entire journey. Prevent your pet from roaming around freely in the vehicle as this might create a safety risk for both of you. 

3. Bring sufficient food and water
Make sure you take enough food with you to last until you get home again and bring along treats that your pet is used to having. When it comes to H2o, we recommend you bring a few bottles of water from home as unfamiliar water can cause a tummy upset.  Road trips are not the time to try new foods. And if your pet gets an upset stomach along the ride, it can quickly turn your road trip into the ugliest ride of your life.

4. Make a list of pit stops 
It is important to stop often so that your pet can have a good stretch, go for bathroom breaks and have some fresh air. If you are planning to stay overnight on your trip, be sure to look ahead for some pet-friendly hotels along the route because leaving your pet in the car overnight is not an option, no matter the weather or temperature outside.

5. Put together an emergency kit
This is a crucial tip as an emergency kit is handy for any kind of situation. It should include necessary paperwork regarding your pet’s health information, first aid supplies, pet harness or even a favourite toy. 

5 tips to pooch-proof your road tripPhoto: www.amazon.ca

These tips are helpful for you and your fur-buddy to have a fun and safe road trip. Do keep in mind that you should always consult your veterinarian if you are planning to travel with your pet in the car for the first time. And remember, safety first!

By: Rayelene Chin