5 of the Weirdest Durian Snacks You've Probably Never Eaten Before

5 of the weirdest durian snacks you

People come up with the weirdest food ideas. We're sure you would have heard of strawberry sambal by now. And how many of you have dipped your french fries into ice cream? 

When it comes to durians, some might love the creamy and pungent smell while haters might describe it as a smelly sock. Love it or hate it, it is undeniably an iconic fruit in South East Asia, and some people have taken the king of the fruits to the next level. 

Here are FIVE of the strangest durian snacks you've probably never heard of. 

1. Durian Burger

If you are into burgers, then this is one combo that you definitely have to try! Durian burger isn't just durian flesh between burger buns. Fresh durians are cooked to a puree paste and is then poured on top of a burger patty. SINFUL -- or a plain SIN if you don't like durians.

2. Durian Pizza

For those of you who don't like pineapples or olives as your pizza toppings, how about some durian flesh with mozzarella cheese instead?

3. Durian Chicken Soup 

This is definitely not your typical grandmother's herbal soup. The flesh and seed of a durian is boiled in the broth, then chilli, chicken and herbs are added into the durian-flavoured soup! 

4. Durian Hot Pot

Similar to the durian chicken soup, the flesh and seed of a durian are dropped into a hot pot. It is then left to cook with meat and noodles. All you have to do is wait till the durian steam hits you, and it's ready to be eaten! 

5. Durian Seed Chips

The durian seed is sliced into thin pieces and deep fried, like the good ol' kerepek.

Would you be willing to try any of these unusual combinations? Which ones would you pass on? 

By: Roshini Ravindran