3 DIY Tips to Remove Car Odour

No matter how diligent you are in keeping your car clean, unpleasant smells entering your vehicle is inevitable.

The offensive odours should be dealt with quickly, as this might ruin the mood for everyone in the car. Aside from the typical air freshener you can get at a store, here are 3 easy and inexpensive ways you can DIY your own!

Tip 1: Place a bar of soap in your car

3 diy tips to remove car odourPhoto via: traveller.com.au

This is one of the simpler tips you can follow: place a bar of your favorite soap in the car as an air freshener substitute. You can place it under the car seat or on the dashboard.

Bonus tip! You can grate the bar into flakes and put them into an empty container. Smells just as great as any store-bought air freshener and lasts way longer!

Tip 2: Use Fabric Spray

3 diy tips to remove car odourPhoto via: thriftyfun.com

Got a bottle of fabric spray lying around in your house? There’s another nifty way you can use it, and that is by using it as a car air freshener! A few spritzes can go a long way, and you can even keep one in your car for easy access. Quick and easy, this can definitely be a great go-to solution for car odour!

Tip 3: Place charcoal in your car

3 diy tips to remove car odourPhoto via: boldoutline.in

Did you know charcoal makes for a great odour absorber? This is because activated charcoal, used in many air and water filters, is one of the best substances to absorb smells. Grab a chunk of charcoal, leave the charcoal in the car for a few days, and you will soon find the smells have gone away because they are absorbed into the charcoal!

So the next time you feel like your car is starting to give off strange smells, don’t worry, these tips have got you covered!

By: Amy Shariffudin