Young Entrepreneurs in Kajang Discover the Joy of Business With RM2 Milo Booth Supported By Their Mom

Early education is the key to shaping our children's understanding of the world, including the often unseen aspects of earning money. 

It is essential to impart the lessons of hard work, resilience, and adaptability from an early age. One inspiring example of this comes from Sungai Long, Kajang, where a Malaysian mother has taken an ingenious approach to teach her children the value of money.

With an unwavering determination to instill these important lessons, this visionary mother helped her kids set up a small stall where they sold cups of Milo for a mere RM2. 

young entrepreneurs in kajang discover the joy of business with rm2 milo booth supported by their momPhoto via Xiao Hong Shu (小李飞刀)

This venture not only allowed them to engage actively in the world of business but also captivated the interest of their customers, who were predominantly hikers and local residents seeking a refreshing drink.

Through the power of social media, this thoughtful mother shared glimpses of their entrepreneurial journey on the Chinese platform, Xiao Hong Shu. It was evident that her involvement went beyond just providing physical support; she also invested her own capital to kickstart the Milo business for her children. 

In doing so, she hoped to teach them the fundamental concepts of earning a livelihood and understanding the value of money, all at a tender age.

The dedication and commitment displayed by these young entrepreneurs is truly deserving of accolades. Their initiative and eagerness to learn at such a young age is commendable. As they take their first steps into the world of business, they are undoubtedly bound for great accomplishments.

If you happen to be in Kajang, keep an eye out for their vibrant stall. Let us support and encourage these budding entrepreneurs on their inspiring journey. 

May their future endeavors be filled with success, as they continue to learn invaluable lessons about life, money, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.