M’sian Woman Reunites With Teacher Who Helped Pay For Her University Registration 36 Years Ago!

A Malaysian woman, Norasiah Jamil recently took to her Facebook page to recall how one of her teachers literally went above and beyond to help her continue her studies. 

She said that she was extremely moved by the recollections of this incredible act of kindness from one of her teachers, who she calls Cikgu Pak Lin Hau. 

woman reunites teacher pay uni registration feePhoto via Facebook (Norasiah Jamil)

Norasiah explained that the cikgu, who was her Chemistry teacher in highschool had helped her continue her studies by paying for her University registration fees, 36 years ago. 

In her Facebook post, she also expresses her deep wish to personally thank her teacher for what she had done for her. 

She recalled how her teacher had stepped in when she was facing some financial issues that threatened her plans to attend University. She said that her teacher paid for her registration fees at a public university using her own money and resources from the school’s Parent-Teacher Association in 1988.

Also, the reason Norasiah shared the story on Facebook is to actually find her former teacher so that she could personally thank her.

Internet users kept waiting for updates from Norasiah while they sent her well-wishes, before they finally got an update a few days later…

Norasiah took to Facebook again last Friday (24 March) to share that she had found her teacher and that they are working on a date so that they could finally meet each other! She also expressed her joy at being able to personally thank the person who had such an impact on her life.

She reflects on how her teacher’s simple but profound act of kindness has stayed with her through the years, and how it played a vital role in helping her achieve her goals and live a happier life. 

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Posted by Norasiah Jamil on Thursday, 23 March 2023

This story warms our hearts!

We are glad that she found her teacher. The meeting is definitely going to be emotional!