Woman Embraces Her Job As Butcher At Wet Market, Encouraging Peers to Be Proud Of Their Chosen Path!

In a world where many young people are increasingly drawn to modern tech and professions, Ummi Safiyyah Baharudin, a 25-year-old woman from Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, is bravely forging her path in the traditional wet market business. Her story serves as a reminder that we should always take pride in the work we do, no matter the field.

Ummi Safiyyah is defying stereotypes by working as a butcher at a stall located in Pasar Raja Bot, commonly known as the Chow Kit Road Market. She transitioned from an office job to become a full-time butcher at her cousin's shop in 2021.

woman embraces her job as butcher at wet market, encouraging peers to be proud of their chosen path!Photo via Harian Metro

Despite the challenges typically associated with the wet market business, Ummi takes immense pride in her chosen profession. She acknowledges that the market has its distinct aroma, especially when she's cutting chicken, which tends to leave a lingering scent on her clothes. However, she has grown accustomed to it and finds happiness in her work.

Ummi firmly believes that age should not dictate one's career choices. She openly expresses her passion for the business, stating that she genuinely enjoys her work. Her role demands unique skills, and she dedicated three months to master the proper techniques and methods for cutting chicken to ensure customer satisfaction.

As one of the few young butchers in an environment predominantly dominated by older vendors, Ummi and her cousin tend to attract attention and light-hearted teasing from customers. Nevertheless, she embraces the friendly banter that often takes place between vendors and their regular customers.

Her story is a testament to the idea that pride in one's work is universal, regardless of the field. Her journey serves as a reminder that everyone should take pride in what they do and follow their passion, breaking away from stereotypes and expectations. 

No matter where life takes us, embracing our chosen path with pride and enthusiasm is the key to fulfillment and success.