Woman Bumps Into Homeless Man Who Was Her Former Student, M’sians Band Together To Help Him Out!

A counsellor from the Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik - Puspen Kuching recently shared a heartbreaking story on her Facebook page which has since gone viral with over 9,300 shares.

In her post, she recalled what happened when she was out with her son and ran into a homeless man who used to be one of her patients, “He is not crazy. He is special,” she wrote. 

woman bumps into homeless man who was her former student, m’sians band together to help him out!Photo via Facebook (Nadia Hazmi)

The woman named Nadia said that she was at a convenience store with her son, when they both ran into the man, “I was about to leave the store when I saw a homeless man sitting at the exit. I wondered how difficult it must be for him to live there.”

As she was about to leave the area, the man then saw her and smiled before calling her name, “Puan Nadia!” the man screamed excitedly, “Do you still remember me? You look so thin now, when I last saw you, you were pregnant,” he said. 

Nadia then realised that she knew the man before, however, people in her neighbourhood have always warned her to stay away from him because they assumed that he was mentally unstable.

She then proceeded to put her things in the car before approaching the man. 

Nadia said that she was touched that the man still remembers her, “I asked him about his job and where he lives. Apparently both his parents had passed away so he is currently living under the stairs.

“His name is Azlan. He explained that he had lost his home and didn’t have a job. And that he is no longer taking drugs.”

She expressed her sadness in her post saying that Azlan is now being left alone to fend for himself because of his mental health issues. 

When Nadia was about to leave, Azlan asked whether he could take a selfie with her, “But I don’t have a phone. So can you take a selfie with me using your phone?” he asked politely.

Nadia, of course, was happy to take a photo with her former student, and included the photo in her post. The man also shared with Nadia a toy he made, “I made this, and it goes everywhere with me. I never leave it behind,” he said. 

Bukan orang gila.. dia mungkin 'ahli syurga'.. Hujung minggu lalu.. akak keluar seawal pagi dgn haluan ke pantai...

Posted by Nadia Hazmi on Tuesday, 21 February 2023

The post has since garnered over 14,000 reactions at the time of writing.

Netizens took to the comment section to express their sympathy for the man and even offered to crowd fund to help the man get back on his feet. 

This is so heartbreaking! We wish nothing but the best for you, Azlan!