Visually-Impaired Man Shows How Braille Keyboard Helps People Like Him Type Fast, M’sians Impressed!

A visually-impaired Malaysian man recently went viral on Twitter after he was seen typing on his phone using a braille keyboard!

The man claims that people with disabilities like him could type on their in two different ways - one is by placing their phones on a table and using it as a virtual braille or, by holding the phone in their hands, next to their ears and typing while being guided by the voice assistant. 

visually-impaired man shows how braille keyboard helps people like him type fast, m’sians impressed!Photo via Twitter (@ZZulfikli)

He also did a quick demonstration by moving his fingers across his phone with the voice assistant telling him what he was tapping on. 

Not only that, but he also flexed how he could type very fast using the keyboard, “I am currently recording a content on how the visually-impaired use the braille keyboard to type faster,” he typed. 

“You can type very fast once you’re used to it. We can even type it while walking but that’s a little dangerous. Someone could just take your phone away,” he said.

The man behind the camera then asks how he reads Facebook comments, which he then explains that his phone is able to read sentences out loud for him. Some people even set their phones to spell out each letter for them. 

The video has since garnered over 1 million views at the time of writing. 

“He’s been listening at 160+% speech rate. He is so special” said one person, “I watched these videos before, it helped me after I got COVID, when my vision became blurry for a while. Technology nowadays is amazing.”

This is so interesting! And he types so fast, it’s so cool!