“She’s Been Missing School” Teacher Raises Funds for 12-Year-Old Student Caring for Bedridden Mother

Education is not just a stepping stone for future opportunities; it is a powerful tool for gaining knowledge. However, for some individuals, circumstances make it challenging to pursue education, even when it is accessible. 

In a recent heart-wrenching incident shared by Malaysian teacher Cikgu Fadli Salleh, the story of Iman, one of his students, unfolded, shedding light on the remarkable strength and resilience of a young girl facing extraordinary challenges.

“she’s been missing school” teacher raises funds for 12-year-old student caring for bedridden motherPhoto via Facebook (Mohd Fadhli Salleh)

Iman, a 12-year-old student in Standard 6, had been regularly missing school. While truancy may be the assumption, the truth behind her absences painted a different picture. Iman's bedridden mother, who had suffered a stroke, required constant care, and Iman took on the responsibility of looking after her. It was a difficult decision for Iman, one she did not make lightly.

Upon learning about Iman's situation, Cikgu Fadli wasted no time and paid a visit to her home, carrying essential supplies. Diapers and food were provided, and another kind-hearted individual even gifted Iman a bicycle. However, Iman was not the only child in the family; she had an older brother and sister who worked at a nearby mall in Kuala Lumpur to alleviate the family's financial burden.

Baitulmal MAIWP, a government organization, extended a helping hand by providing the family with a monthly allowance of RM500. While this assistance was appreciated, the family still faced numerous challenges. With a bedridden mother and the need to purchase groceries and essentials, making ends meet proved difficult on that amount alone.

Cikgu Fadli expressed his hope for Baitulmal to revisit their support and consider increasing their monthly donation to better assist the struggling family. His dedication to Iman's well-being did not stop there. He also took it upon himself to raise funds, not only for Iman's family but also for other less fortunate individuals. 

The banking details were shared for those who wished to contribute, with Cikgu Fadli emphasizing that any amount, even as small as RM1, would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way in supporting their charity programs.

Iman's story serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience found in the most unexpected places. Despite her young age, she carries a tremendous weight on her shoulders and continues to persevere through the hardships that life has thrown her way. We send our heartfelt wishes for Iman and her family, hoping that they find solace and support in their journey.

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Posted by Mohd Fadli Salleh on Friday, 16 June 2023

Cikgu Fadli's compassionate actions and dedication to making a difference inspire us all. Through his selflessness, he not only provides immediate assistance but also instills hope in the hearts of those facing difficult circumstances. 

May his efforts and the generosity of others bring light into the lives of Iman and many others in need.