Teacher Gives Classroom A Super Makeover, Netizens Impressed!

Two primary school teachers recently went viral online after sharing photos of them redecorating their classroom and gave it a Marvel-inspired look for their students. 

In the carousel photos on TikTok, one of the teachers, Hanif Azahar shared several photos of the classroom showing chipped paint on the wall, stained bulletin boards, and old worn out furniture. 

teacher gives classroom a super makeover, netizens impressed!Photo via TikTok (@hanifazahar777)

He stated in the captions that a makeover is necessary to motivate his students, “We want them to look forward to going to school everyday so we knew he had to do something.

“I was thinking of a theme. Under the sea, outerspace, in the jungle. So many other crazy ideas!” he wrote.

Finally, the English teacher settled on a theme that we think all kids (including adults) would probably love, which is Marvel!

After the makeover, the classroom looks more colourful and vibrant with its new bright, yellow wall! The bulletin boards are also decorated with a Marvel-themed timetable and chores chart!

What caught netizens’ attention is how the teachers also prepared a red mailbox called the ‘Superhero Mailbox’ where the students can write about their feelings and leave it in the mailbox. How adorable.

Not only that, but there is also a “Love Your Friends 3,000” board that encourages the students to be kind to each other by doing small kind gestures like: ‘Give someone a high-five and smile,’ ‘Listen to your friends and give kind words’ or ‘Work together to achieve bigger goals’

There’s also a trolley packed with cleaning supplies to teach the students to be responsible for their area and the classroom. 

“Our version of a Marvel-themed classroom for our 33 beautiful girls. In our class, we are all superheroes,” the caption reads.

Internet users adored the classroom and praised the teacher for their effort, “You are so creative, teacher! Makes ME want to go back to school!”

“This looks awesome! We hope your students will be happy and excited to go to school everyday. And thank you for your service as an educator,” another person commented. 

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How fun!