Penang Student Achieves Straight As For SPM With The Help Of BLACKPINK!

In Malaysia, the recent release of SPM results brought joy to over 10,000 students who achieved straight As!

Well, we totally understand the dedication and late-night study sessions required to excel in these exams…

While many students choose naps or video games as study breaks, Bhuvenraj Ganesh, a straight-As scorer in Penang, found solace in the music of Blackpink. Bhuvenraj had a unique approach to his study routine, discovering that he functioned best in the afternoon or evening. His emphasis was on studying smart, rather than simply studying long hours.

penang student achieves straight as for spm with the help of blackpink!Photo via Instagram (@bhuvenrajganesh)

"When I referred to past years' questions, I could understand the answering techniques and scoring tips, which helped me in the High-Level Thinking Skills (KBAT) section," shared Bhuvenraj.

During his breaks, Blackpink's music became his sanctuary. The songs of the popular South Korean girl group provided a soothing backdrop for his mind, and watching their dance videos offered a much-needed respite.

Accompanied by his parents, Bhuvenraj returned to Penang Free School to receive his results. Despite his exceptional achievements, he humbly acknowledged that the journey was not always smooth. Biology posed a particular challenge for him, as he was not fond of subjects that demanded extensive memorization.

"I don't enjoy subjects that require a lot of reading or memorization. I have a passion for Mathematics, but I never expected to achieve straight As," confessed Bhuvenraj.

Bhuvenraj's love for Mathematics is undeniable, evident in his establishment of a YouTube channel to assist those in need of help with the subject. This channel was created after he completed his SPM examinations, showcasing his dedication to sharing his knowledge and supporting others.

When asked about his future plans, Bhuvenraj expressed his intention to pursue A-Levels at a local college, with the ultimate goal of determining his path beyond that.

To all the straight-As scorers out there, congratulations on overcoming the "first barrier" into adulthood. Your unwavering efforts and hard work have undoubtedly paid off, serving as an inspiration to others. 

It is a testament to the transformative power of music, which can provide solace and relaxation amidst the challenges of academic pursuits. 

May you continue to excel in your educational journey and make a positive impact on the world, guided by your passion and dedication!