A Heartwarming Surprise! Son Flies from South Korea to Malaysia to Surprise Mom on Mother's Day

Prepare to grab your tissues because a son named Naufal Omar @naufalomar has melted hearts with his recent TikTok video. 

This touching surprise involved him flying all the way from South Korea to Malaysia just to see his mom on Mother's Day, and the heartwarming video he shared has garnered over 101.8K views!

a heartwarming surprise! son flies from south korea to malaysia to surprise mom on mother's dayPhoto via TikTok (@naufalomar)

In the video, Naufal can be seen approaching his mom, who is sitting in a restaurant surrounded by other family members. As he gets closer, his mom spots him from afar and exclaims, "Naufal, Naufal..." Her voice filled with surprise and joy at the sight of her beloved son.

And then, the floodgates of emotions open wide. Naufal's mom is visibly overwhelmed, her emotions pouring out like a tidal wave. It's a reaction that any mother can relate to when seeing her long-missed child.

"When did you come back?" she asks, her voice cracking with heartfelt emotion. Naufal responds with a smile, "This morning."

Tears well up in his mom's eyes, and Naufal quickly reassures her in Korean, saying, "Uljima" (Don't cry).

Curiosity takes hold, and his mom questions why he didn't inform her about his return. Naufal, holding a bouquet of flowers, closes the distance between them and wraps his arms around his mom in a tight embrace.

"Why did you come back?" his mom asks again, still surprised by the sudden reunion. Naufal playfully responds, "There's a concert," prompting his mom to burst into laughter. A sprinkle of lighthearted humor adds to the warmth of the moment.

But then, Naufal reveals another reason for his surprise visit—it's Mother's Day.

@naufalomar flew back from korea for mother's day💐🧕🏻 glad the surprise plan went well #MothersDay #HariIbu #Mother #Korea #Malaysia ♬ Sad and lonely - MoppySound

The video touched the hearts of netizens, and the comments section overflowed with warm remarks about Naufal and his loving mother.