Single Mother Works As Security Guard To Raise Her Three Children, Tells Young People To Not Be Ashamed Of Their Jobs

Meet Siti Munira Mat Daud, a single mom who works as a school security guard. She's a true hero, and her story reminds us that no job should ever make you feel ashamed.

single mother works as security guard to raise her three children, tells young people to not be ashamed of their jobsPhoto via TikTok (@eiravender23)

Siti Munira's life took a tough turn when her husband passed away a year ago. She became the head of her family, responsible for her three kids. To make ends meet, she started working as a security guard at a primary school in Selayang, Selangor. Becoming a police officer was her dream, but she didn't meet all the requirements. Instead, she embraced the role of a security guard.

What's so inspiring is that she chose this job because she liked keeping things safe. She wears her uniform proudly and takes her responsibility seriously. She may not be a police officer, but she's just as important because she keeps students, teachers, and staff safe at the school.

Siti Munira has a message for young people: don't be ashamed to work as a security guard. Many young folks, just like her, pick this job because it needs discipline and assertiveness. For her, the real satisfaction comes from knowing that she's helping everyone stay safe.

Even with a life that's become a bit of an online sensation with her TikTok account and over 288,000 followers, Siti Munira stays grounded. She doesn't share details about her job online, and she's not interested in romantic relationships because she's dedicated to her children.

She's faced some unfair accusations that she spends her time on TikTok during work. But Siti Munira wants everyone to know that she takes her job seriously and doesn't use her phone at work. She's a true role model, proving that no matter what your job is, you can take pride in it.


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Siti Munira Mat Daud's story is all about strength, determination, and being proud of what you do. Her journey shows us that every job is important, and we should respect and honor the people who do them. 

She's a shining example of how to handle life's challenges with courage and grace, and we can all learn from her.