Netizens Applaud Singaporean Schoolboys for Shielding Strangers from Rain with Umbrella

A heartwarming tale unfolded when a young boy in a school uniform melted the hearts of online communities through a simple yet profound act of kindness. 

netizens applaud singaporean schoolboys for shielding strangers from rain with umbrellaPhoto via Instagram (@sgfollowsall)

This inspiring moment came to light in a viral video, originally shared by the sgfollowsall Instagram page just last month, and has since garnered over 67,000 likes at the time of this writing.

In the video, this compassionate young lad stood patiently at the bus door, unfurling his umbrella to shield disembarking passengers from a heavy downpour. The incident unfolded at a bus stop in Punggol, within the country, and was captured by a kind-hearted sgfollowsall follower present at the scene, who then shared this uplifting act with the Instagram page.

Although not explicitly captured in the video, it's heartwarming to note that the passengers did indeed express their gratitude and appreciation to this young hero for his selfless gesture.

This viral video has demonstrated that courtesy and kindness are values firmly ingrained in the new generation. In a subsequent post, the same Instagram page featured another heartwarming video, showcasing yet another young boy engaging in a similar act of kindness at a different location in Singapore.


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As the comments on the newer post poured in, it became evident that many praised the boy's benevolence and considered him a remarkable young man. 

One comment lauded his parents for raising him with such values, while another offered a heartfelt "thank you" for his random act of kindness and extended a warm congratulations to him.