Kind S’porean Uncle Accepts Ringgit After Student Forgot To Convert Money To Pay For Her Ride!

Planning a trip, especially to a foreign country can be a lot!

Firstly you need to book your flight and accommodation, followed by purchasing your travel insurance, renewing your passport, travel documents and cash! With so much to remember, sometimes it can be easy to forget something… 

kind s’porean uncle accepts ringgit after student forgot to convert money to pay for her ride!Photo via TikTok (@hanae_nakaa)

Hana, a student, recently recalled a trip she took to Singapore where she only had the Malaysian Ringgit in her wallet, having forgotten to change the currency that she was carrying after requesting for a e-Hailing ride. 

But lucky for her, the kind Singaporean uncle didn't mind accepting the Ringgit as payment. 

In her TikTok post, Hana shared that her ride had cost SGD24 which is around RM80. The driver in the video allowed her to pay in Ringgit and was even seen calculating the amount he needed to return to Hana in Singaporean Dollars. 

“I only accidentally brought Malaysian RM” she wrote. 

Before leaving the vehicle, Hana thanked the Uncle for taking the Ringgit as payment. 

The uncle even suggested that she use a debit or credit card to book rides while she was in Singapore to prevent similar incidents. Not only that, he also showed Hana the direction of a bank where she could exchange her Ringgit for some Singaporean dollars. 

The video has since been viewed over 555,400 times at the time of writing. 

@hanae_nakaa Kind grab driver in Singapore! #ntu #留学 #シンガポール留学 #singapore #マレーシア留学 #malaysia #シンガポール ♬ オリジナル楽曲 - Hana

Netizens took to the comment section to praise the Uncle for his kindness, “Not everyone is this nice. Thank you for being kind, Uncle!” one person commented. 

“Too sweet! It’s refreshing to see videos like this sometimes.”

This is very kind and considerate. We wish you nothing but the best, Uncle!