“Never Get Married!” S'porean Auntie's Candid Response in Street Interview Goes Viral, Sparking Online Conversations!

Life is often associated with certain milestones and expectations, especially during our mid-20s to early 30s. However, it's important to remember that everyone's journey is unique, and what brings fulfillment to one person may not be the same for another.

In a touching street interview conducted by YouTuber Torres with the elderly in Singapore, a heartwarming encounter took place. Seeking life advice and reflections on regrets, Torres came across a 71-year-old auntie who was still actively working. When asked if she was married, she replied with a smile and confirmed that she had two children.

“never get married!” s'porean auntie's candid response in street interview goes viral, sparking online conversations!Photo via Facebook (托哥Torres)

Curiosity led Torres to inquire about her thoughts on Singaporean men. In an honest and straightforward manner, the auntie shared her experience, mentioning that Singaporean husbands tend to be less involved in household chores. Expanding on this topic, Torres asked her, "If you could choose again, what nationality would you want your husband to be?" Her response was both unexpected and delightful.

"I won't get married!" she exclaimed, laughter filling the air as she walked away.

As the video concluded, Torres pondered on the auntie's remark, suggesting that perhaps not getting married could be considered valuable life advice. The comment section flooded with resonance and agreement from female netizens.

"I, too, wouldn't get married if given another chance at life," shared one user.

"After experiencing marriage, if I could do it all over again, I would choose not to marry," expressed another user.

These heartfelt responses echoed a sentiment shared by many. It highlights the importance of personal choice and embracing alternative paths in life. It serves as a reminder that finding contentment and fulfillment may take different forms for each individual.

The auntie's lighthearted perspective resonated deeply, encouraging others to reconsider societal norms and embrace the freedom to make choices that align with their own happiness and well-being. In a world that often follows a predetermined script, her courage to choose an unconventional path is both empowering and inspiring.

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Posted by 托哥Torres on Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Let this heartwarming encounter remind us that life is a personal journey, and our choices should be driven by our own desires and aspirations. It is a gentle nudge to embrace authenticity, follow our hearts, and find fulfillment in our own unique ways.

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