S’wak Deputy Minister Steps Up As Cardiologist During In-Flight Medical Emergency, Saves Passenger With Asthma Attack!

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a medical emergency while aboard a flight? It's a rare occurrence, but when it does happen, having a qualified medical professional among the passengers can make all the difference between life and death.

Recently, YB Dr. Haji Annuar Rapaee, the Sarawak Deputy Minister of Education & Innovation, shared a remarkable account on his Facebook page. He detailed how he used his expertise as a cardiologist to provide crucial assistance to a fellow passenger in need of medical help during his flight from Kuching to KLIA.

s’wak deputy minister steps up as cardiologist during in-flight medical emergency, saves passenger with asthma attack!Photo via Facebook (Dr Annuar Rapaee)

Dr. Rapaee recounted the events that transpired during Malaysia Airlines flight MH2521 on a Wednesday, September 6. In the middle of the journey, an urgent announcement was made over the intercom. A flight attendant requested, "Can any medical personnel or doctors on board please identify yourselves? We need urgent medical attention."

Without hesitation, Dr. Rapaee responded, "I am Dr. Annuar, is there anything I can help with?" The flight attendant inquired if he was a medical doctor or held a Ph.D. Dr. Rapaee clarified that he was indeed a medical doctor and verified his credibility by displaying his credit card, which bore the name 'Dr. Annuar Rapaee.'

The flight attendant proceeded to explain the situation: a female passenger on board was struggling to breathe due to an asthma attack. She required an inhaler or nebulizer to alleviate her distress. Fortunately, another passenger had an inhaler on hand. However, despite several puffs, the passenger's breathing difficulties persisted. Gratefully, the Malaysia Airlines emergency kit contained a nebulizer, which proved to be a lifesaver. Dr. Rapaee expressed his gratitude, stating, "Thank you very much, MAB!"

With the nebulizer administered, the distressed passenger's breathing improved, and she felt considerable relief. Following this critical intervention, Dr. Rapaee found himself busy creating four copies of a medical report. Ultimately, the flight reached its destination at KLIA, and the passenger arrived safely, thanks to the swift and competent assistance provided during the mid-air medical emergency.

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Posted by Dr Annuar Rapaee on Wednesday, 6 September 2023

Dr. Rapaee's presence on that flight served as a reminder of the importance of having skilled medical professionals on board during air travel emergencies. His prompt response and expert care made a significant difference in ensuring the well-being of a fellow traveler.