M’sians Praise Restaurant After Video Of Them Giving Free Food To Father Who Wanted To Feed His Children Went Viral

A restaurant in Kajang recently gained a lot of attention after they gave away food to a father who came to them and “begged” for food to feed his children. 

m’sians praise restaurant after video of them giving free food to father who wanted to feed his children went viralPhoto via TikTok (@shafiqrazak46)

In the video, the restaurant claims that a man had visited their outlet and was begging for some food, “He said it was for two of his children who hadn’t eaten yet. We gave him some free food right away! He promised to pay us back when he has the money.”

“It's okay, the food is on us!” the caption reads. 

According to mStar, owner of the restaurant, Shafiq Razak told reporters that the restaurant was about to close at the time of the incident, when suddenly he received a call from one of his staff who said that someone had come asking for food. 

After seeing the man, desperately asking for help, Shafiq told his staff to prepare two extra large servings of food for him. 

The father was unable to hold back his emotions and started tearing up when the staff brought him the food. 

The video has since gone viral online and has gained a lot of attention and praises from Malaysian netizens, “Looking at this taught me something, there are people who have it worse than us,” one person comments. 

“Thank you for helping the man. We all have different lives and different challenges that we go through every day and sometimes, we can’t do it alone. We, too, need help.”

@shafiqrazak46 Kami didatangai seorang yang merayu minta makanan. katanya untuk 2 orang anak dia yang tak makan lagi. Luruh hati kami terus kami beri makanan untuk dia percuma. katanya nak bayar nanti bila ada duit. kami respect abg sanggup buang ego untuk perut anak2. jangan kita judge keadaan dia sebab situasi masing2 , asalkan tak mencuri dah la. takpe bang kami belanja ok! -Ayam Gepuk PAK AGUS pedas terciduk cawangan kajang. #ayamgepukpakagus #kajang #help #fyp #foryoupage #viral ♬ NO TO RACISM - Islam Shurdhaj

The video has since garnered over 1.5 million views at the time of writing.

That’s a very nice thing to do. Thank you, Shafiq for helping the father!