Orphaned SPM Graduate With Heart Condition Takes Charge Of Nasi Lemak Business to Support Injured Aunt

In a truly inspiring story, a teenager from Kuala Kangsar, Perak, has chosen a path less traveled in order to support his beloved aunt.

Ahmad Awaluddin Idris, an 18-year-old with an extraordinary spirit, made the decision to sell nasi lemak instead of pursuing higher education, demonstrating his dedication and gratitude.

orphaned spm graduate with heart condition takes charge of nasi lemak business to support injured auntPhoto via Sinar Harian

Ahmad's journey began with a challenging upbringing. Having lost his father at a tender age and his mother to a debilitating illness, he found solace and care under the wings of his aunt, Surani Ariffin, affectionately known as Mak Yang. Surani, a single mother of two, has been their family's rock, supporting them by selling food in front of their home.

Unfortunately, life threw another curveball when Surani suffered a leg injury, rendering her unable to continue her business. Determined to make a difference, Ahmad decided to step up and take charge.

Despite his own health struggles, including congenital heart disease and airway abnormalities, he wakes up as early as 3am every morning to prepare around 150 packs of nasi lemak.

With his inherited passion for cooking, Ahmad utilizes his culinary skills, learned during his secondary school years, to create delicious nasi lemak and sambal tumis. Selling his homemade delicacies at a nearby petrol station, he works tirelessly to ensure their financial stability and, in particular, to support his caring aunt.

Ahmad's choice to forgo higher education, despite passing all subjects in the SPM examination, is a testament to his sense of responsibility and gratitude towards Mak Yang. He recognizes the sacrifices she has made for him and desires to repay her kindness by continuing her work and embracing the world of business.

"Udin sendiri yang masak nasi lemak ni bang, RM1.20 je sebungkus. Saya ambil kursus memasak masa dekat sekolah" Inilah...

Posted by FS Channel on Sunday, 11 June 2023

His dedication is truly remarkable, as he not only manages his nasi lemak venture but also prioritizes regular medical check-ups at Penang Hospital to monitor his health condition. Ahmad's resilience and determination shine through, serving as an inspiration to all those who face adversity.

In the face of challenges and difficult circumstances, Ahmad's story reminds us of the power of gratitude, hard work, and the ability to find opportunity even in the midst of hardship.

His selflessness and entrepreneurial spirit demonstrate the extraordinary strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of love and support.