Malaysian Netizens Unite To Help Homeless Family of 5 in Temerloh Living in Car for 10 Months

In a heartrending tale of struggle and resilience, the story of Abdul Razak, a 42-year-old father, and his family has touched the hearts of many Malaysians…

Their plight, which recently went viral on social media, has sparked an outpouring of compassion and kindness, demonstrating the incredible unity within the community.

The story was first shared by Edi Arjuna Pencerita on Facebook, who learned about Abdul Razak's family from a friend who had encountered them at a petrol station in the Bentong-Karak area. The family, consisting of five members, had been enduring homelessness for the past 10 months, finding solace in their Proton Wira car.

malaysian netizens unite to help homeless family of 5 in temerloh living in car for 10 monthsPhoto via Facebook (Edi Arjuna Pencerita)

Edi's post struck a chord with Malaysians, quickly amassing over 4,600 shares and more than 3,500 reactions in just over a day. It was evident that people were deeply moved by the family's struggles and eager to lend a helping hand.

Abdul Razak's financial difficulties had forced the family to roam around Temerloh, with the children, still young, missing out on their education due to the lack of resources. Despite numerous attempts, Abdul Razak had been unable to secure employment, compounding the family's hardship.

To make matters worse, the father was also battling an illness, with a growth on his neck requiring surgical intervention. The family's already challenging circumstances were further exacerbated when they had to leave Abdul Razak's in-laws' house due to a family dispute.

In an interview with NST, Abdul Razak expressed the anguish he felt as a father and husband witnessing his family enduring such hardships, day in and day out. However, with no other alternatives available to them, they bravely endured their circumstances.

In a heartening update to the Facebook post, Edi informed readers that Abdul Razak was currently at Temerloh Hospital, where he would undergo the necessary operation. The family was provided with temporary accommodation at the hospital, offering them some respite from their car-dwelling situation.

Moved by the family's plight, Edi also shared a bank account number where compassionate Malaysians could contribute to support Abdul Razak and his family. The response was overwhelming, with an outpouring of donations pouring in.

In a subsequent update, Edi expressed his gratitude for the immense generosity of the donors, noting that the amount received far exceeded the family's immediate needs. As a result, he removed the bank account number, acknowledging the incredible solidarity and support shown by all those who contributed.

The overwhelming response to this story is a testament to the remarkable kindness and unity that exists within the Malaysian community. It exemplifies the spirit of helping one another in times of need, embodying the belief that no one should face their struggles alone.

URGENT!! Semalam ada seorang sahabat wasap aku berkenaan abang ni. Dia jumpa kat Petronas sekitar Bentong- Karak. Nama...

Posted by Edi Arjuna Pencerita on Tuesday, 20 June 2023

As Malaysians rally together to support Abdul Razak and his family, there is a collective hope that this act of compassion will help turn the tide for them. 

Through the power of empathy and generosity, the community has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to uplifting those in need and spreading warmth and kindness to all corners of society.

Malaysians, you are inspiring!