Penang Mother Shares Encounter of Elderly Customer Belittling Son's Burger Stall Business

A recent incident occurred at a burger stall in Penang run by Everlyn Ong's younger son, where an elderly customer belittled him by telling his grandson to study hard or else he would end up like the son. 

“See? If you don’t study, you will be working tough jobs like this one,” the elderly said. 

penang mother shares encounter of elderly customer belittling son's burger stall businessPhoto via Facebook (Everlyn Ong)

Everlyn was heartbroken upon hearing this and shared the incident on her Facebook page, emphasizing the unfairness of the remark towards her son who was simply making an honest living.

Everlyn, a single mother of two, runs her own popcorn stall right beside her younger son's burger stall. After the incident, Everlyn sat down with her son and encouraged him not to pay attention to such negative remarks and reminded him that he was doing great. 

She said that she is proud of both her sons, who have worked hard to make a good living for themselves.

In her Facebook post, Everlyn expressed that everyone deserves respect, regardless of their job, and encouraged people to keep trying and not lose faith in themselves. The incident serves as a reminder that one's profession should not be a measure of their worth, and that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

“It doesn’t matter how other people view us, as long as we don’t lose faith in ourselves and continue trying,” she wrote.

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