Motorcyclist In Mickey Mouse Costume Accidentally Hits Car, Driver’s Mother Says No Need To Pay!

A minor car accident leads to an unexpected act of kindness!

In one of his recent TikTok posts, Farhan, a young man from Terengganu, shared a minor accident he had with a motorcyclist. 

motorcyclist in mickey mouse costume accidentally hits car, driver’s mother says no need to pay!Photo via TikTok (@abeetiktok_)

Farhan showed a small scratch on his bumper and a damaged left tail light after the motorcyclist hit his car.

The motorcyclist, who appeared to be in his early 40s, was wearing a Mickey Mouse mascot suit and had just come back from work. After the accident, Farhan and the motorcyclist exchanged numbers, and Farhan told his mother about the incident through WhatsApp. 

However, his mother's response was not what he expected…

When Farhan told his mother about the accident, she immediately advised him not to take any money from the motorcyclist. Farhan's mother was empathetic towards the motorcyclist, knowing that he relied on the mascot to earn a living. 

She was saddened at the thought of the man's fate if he had to pay for Farhan's car damages.

Farhan's mother also pointed out that the motorcyclist's RM1 banknote was probably his main source of income, as he had to rely on the mascot job to make ends meet. She couldn't help but wonder about his fate if he had to pay for the damages.

In the voice notes shared by Farhan, his mother suggested that he consider the RM1 as a donation to the motorcyclist instead of taking it as compensation for the damages. 

She also reminded Farhan that Raya was nearing, and it was an opportunity to give to those in need.


makan modal raya

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Farhan's mother's response shows her kindness and empathy towards the motorcyclist's situation. 

It's a heartwarming reminder that we should always try to be understanding and compassionate towards others, especially those who may be less fortunate.