Yum! Video Of Bangladeshi Men Bringing Their National Dish To Picnic To Share With M’sian Friend Went Viral!

As Malaysians, it’s pretty common to have friends who have different backgrounds as you as we grow up in a very multi-racial society. 

Having relationships with others from a different race or ethnic background is the best way we can learn about their experiences…

yum! video of bangladeshi men bringing their national dish to picnic to share with m’sian friend went viral!Photo via TikTok (@kawannahim)

In a recent video that went viral on TikTok, a man was seen enjoying a picnic at the park with his Bangladeshi friends. 

The video that was shared by user @kawannahim shows a group of friends having a potluck picnic by the river. One of the man’s friends, who is a Bangladeshi, prepared their national dish - crab Bhuna. 

They were seen enjoying the crab Bhuna with some white rice on a banana leaf, accompanied by the beautiful river and the sun setting in the background. 

Sounds sedap! 

“Who made this?” the man who was recording the video can be heard asking, to which one of his friends replied: “Abang Nahim made it!” 

The camera then pans to Nahim who looks shy, but had a huge smile on his face while seeing his friends enjoying his food. 


Sedap mat ketam bhuna

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The video has since garnered over 2.1 million views at the time of writing. 

“I just want to say one thing. Take care of this friendship! Not everyone wants to be friends with them, so they are always with their people. This is very refreshing to see, well done,” one person commented.

“Nahim needs to open a restaurant so that all of us can have a taste of his wonderful cooking. The Bhuna looks amazing!”

We second that! We would like to visit your restaurant one day, Nahim!