TikTok Sensation: Malaysian Polyglot's Fluency in 9 Languages Leaves Netizens in Awe!

Learning languages is like embarking on an exciting adventure that introduces us to diverse cultures, fascinating people, and incredible experiences. Today, we delve into the awe-inspiring story of Azrey, a language enthusiast from Malaysia, whose TikTok videos showcasing his fluency in nine different languages have taken the internet by storm.

tiktok sensation: malaysian polyglot's fluency in 9 languages leaves netizens in awe!Photo via TikTok (@azreykun18)

Azrey's linguistic journey commences with Bahasa Sungai, a local language spoken by a specific community. With great concern for its future, Azrey recognizes that this beautiful language faces the threat of extinction due to its dwindling number of speakers. Through his engaging videos, he raises awareness about the importance of preserving linguistic diversity and encourages others to value and protect their unique native languages.

Expanding his linguistic repertoire, Azrey sets his sights on Spanish. With a contagious enthusiasm, he shares his journey of self-learning, utilizing online resources like YouTube and even finding inspiration in popular TV series like "Money Heist." Azrey's determination and resourcefulness serve as a shining example, demonstrating that language learning is within reach for anyone willing to embrace the opportunities presented by the digital age.

Next on Azrey's linguistic odyssey is Russian. While humbly acknowledging his ongoing quest for fluency, Azrey's passion shines through as he expresses his fondness for Turah Parthayana videos. His commitment to mastering the language inspires others to embark on their own language-learning journeys, encouraging them to overcome obstacles and pursue continuous improvement.

With effortless grace, Azrey displays his command of the English language, reflecting years of dedicated study. English, being a global language, holds immense significance as a means of cross-cultural communication, enabling people from different backgrounds to connect and understand one another.

Growing up in a Chinese school environment, Azrey seamlessly transitions to Mandarin, a language he speaks on a daily basis with his friends. Through his proficiency in Mandarin, he exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of diverse languages within Malaysian society, promoting cultural appreciation and unity.

Japanese takes center stage as Azrey reveals his deep affection for anime, mentioning beloved series like "One Piece," "Naruto," and "Demon Slayer." His love for the Japanese language mirrors the passion shared by countless fans worldwide, who are captivated by its unique writing system and cultural nuances, immersing themselves in the fascinating world of Japanese pop culture.

Undeterred by the challenges of learning a new language, Azrey fearlessly introduces himself in Korean, despite being a beginner. The melodious intonation and distinctive writing system of Korean have captured the hearts of millions globally, thanks to the international phenomenon of Korean pop culture. Azrey's courage to step out of his comfort zone and embrace new linguistic frontiers inspires others to pursue their language learning dreams fearlessly, encouraging them to venture into uncharted territories.

Azrey's language range further expands to include Indonesian, the beloved language of neighboring Indonesia. Through his exposure to Indonesian YouTubers, such as Fiki and Turah, Azrey has developed a modest command of the language. This linguistic connection exemplifies the power of media and personal interests in language learning, strengthening the bond between neighboring nations and fostering intercultural understanding.

Lastly, Azrey brings his native Malaysian language to the forefront, showcasing the richness and diversity of the linguistic landscape within his own country. Born in Sabah and raised in Peninsula Malaysia, Azrey effortlessly switches to the Semenanjung slang, illustrating the colorful tapestry of languages that make Malaysia a truly multicultural nation.


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Netizens were left in awe and astonishment as they witness Azrey's extraordinary language journey unfold before their eyes. His story serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that with determination, passion, and an open mind, we can embark on our own language learning adventures. 

Through language, we can connect with people from diverse backgrounds, embracing the beauty of cultural diversity and expanding our horizons in ways we never thought possible. So let Azrey's incredible journey inspire you to embark on your own linguistic odyssey, where endless possibilities await!