M'sian Man Helps Aunty Nasi Lemak Business from Closure by Paying One Year's Unpaid Rent

A Malaysian entrepreneur named Sunny Seow recently shared a heartwarming story about his efforts to save a Nasi Lemak business in Kulai, Johor, from closure. 

m'sian man helps aunty nasi lemak business from closure by paying one year's unpaid rentPhoto via Facebook (Sunny Seow)

The vendor had informed Sunny that she faced eviction due to a year's unpaid rent, as directed by the building owner. Sunny, who had been a loyal customer since the age of 7, was determined to prevent the business from shutting down due to financial difficulties. 

Upon hearing the vendor's predicament, he promptly provided the necessary funds to settle her outstanding debts. Sunny acted swiftly, handing over the required amount and advising the vendor to clear her dues.

In his social media post, Sunny reflected on the restaurant's prosperous past when it used to be bustling with customers daily, thanks in part to a nearby bus stop. 

Unfortunately, the business suffered when the bus stop was abandoned and removed from the public transport route, leading to a decline in customers and mounting debts for the vendor.

Expressing disappointment at the potential closure of a longstanding business known for its delicious food.

Sunny, who runs a beancurd business, took matters into his own hands, offering financial assistance to prevent the closure. While not disclosing the exact amount, he emphasised his willingness, as a Chinese individual, to help a fellow Malaysian regardless of her race…

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Posted by Sunny Seow on Sunday, 17 December 2023

His social media post gained widespread attention, leading to the resolution of the outstanding rental fees and the survival of the Nasi Lemak business.