M’sian Influencer Helps Flood Victims In Johor By Distributing Foods & Getting Them Boats

The number of flood victims in Malaysia has increased to over 34,000 as of this morning (3 March), with Johor being the worst hit as all 10 of its districts are affected. 

The Malaysian Insight also reported one death in Johor after a man drowned because he was trapped in his car. 

However, in the middle of all this devastation, one Malaysian influencer, Han Xiao Aii recently caught the attention of netizens after making the brave decision to aid the flood victims in Johor in whatever way she could.

In one of her Facebook posts on 1 March, Xiao Aii shared that she had organised some rescue boats to be sent to the affected districts in hopes that it would help in saving more flood victims that are still trapped in their homes.

She also said that her team had started volunteering at the affected districts by making sure they receive enough food supplies and other necessities that they would need. 

Xiao Aii also listed the items that are desperately needed at these temporary shelters, these items include: milk, water, biscuits, other types of dry food, towels, and panadols.

She also shared on Facebook that her team had received a lot of donations from the general public, which is mostly from her followers, and was used to purchase more items for the victims, “Thank you all for sending your warm wishes. I will carry it with me to the ends of the Earth.

“Now, let’s keep this up together,” her caption reads. 

謝謝你們,無論在天涯海角都送上一份暖 ❤️ 我們一起繼續加油 🏠

Posted by 韓曉噯 Hanxiiaoaii on Thursday, 2 March 2023

This is so kind! It’s amazing to see how Malaysians would always be the first to help each other out whenever one is in trouble.

We truly are a HUGE family. Thank you for helping out, Xiao Aii!

And please stay safe!