Malaysian Touched After OKU Groom's Heartfelt Sign Language Wedding Ceremony Goes Viral

The wedding ceremony is undoubtedly an exciting moment for grooms. When the time comes to recite the marriage vows, grooms often feel a rush of emotions, and some even stumble over their words while speaking their vows.

But what about individuals with hearing and speech impairments (OKU) when it comes to reciting their marriage vows?

malaysian touched after oku groom's heartfelt sign language wedding ceremony goes viralPhoto via TikTok (@abesolution9911)

This question finds an inspiring answer in a TikTok video featuring an OKU groom who is non-verbal, performing his marriage vows in a unique and touching way.

In the video, the groom receives assistance from a woman who can communicate using sign language, acting as an intermediary between the groom and the solemnizing officer, known as the Tok Kadi.

After the woman communicates with the groom through sign language, the groom uses sign language as a substitute to recite his marriage vows.

"First time seeing this, and now I'm in tears" - Netizen

Following the viral spread of this heartwarming video on TikTok, it has garnered an impressive 5.5 million views, 516,000 likes, and 7,800 shares.

The comments from TikTok users reflect a wide range of emotional reactions to this touching video.


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In the heartwarming TikTok video that has captured the hearts of viewers, we witness not only the determination and resilience of an OKU groom but also the unconditional love and support of a remarkable mother.