8-Year-Old Malaysian Girl Sets World Record For Identifying 254 World Flags In Under 5 Minutes!

Wow, hold on to your hats, folks! We've got a new world record holder in town, and she's only eight years old!

8-year-old malaysian girl sets world record for identifying 254 world flags in under 5 minutes!Photo via Facebook (Shalini Mathiwaannan)

Meet Amirthaa Matiwannan, the Malaysian girl who has captured the world's attention with her incredible feat of identifying 254 world flags in just 4 minutes and 21 seconds. 

This pint-sized wonder has made history, breaking records and turning heads with her impressive skills.

But it's not just the Kalam's World Records organization that has recognized Amirthaa's talent. Three other prominent organizations, including Kids World Records (Canada), International Books of Records, and Jackie Book of World Records, have also approved and certified her achievement.

And let's take a moment to give credit where credit is due.

According to her mother's observations, Amirthaa has a unique method for memorizing the flags. She first reads and recites the names of the flags, and then recalls the names again by looking at the flags only. And get this, this method was self-taught by the eight-year-old herself.

Can we all just take a moment to give this girl a standing ovation? Her hard work, dedication, and natural talent have earned her a place in the history books. She's a shining example of what can be accomplished with determination and a passion for learning.

So here's to you, Amirthaa Matiwannan.

You've made us all proud, and we can't wait to see what incredible feats you'll achieve in the future. Keep up the amazing work!