Heartwarming! Malaysian Woman Creates RM1 Store to Teach Autistic Sister Business Skills

Embracing her mother's heartfelt wish to care for her sister, a compassionate Malaysian woman has gone the extra mile to fulfill her sister's dream of running a business, resulting in a heartwarming tale of love and dedication.

Through a heartfelt post on the Autisme Malaysia Facebook group, Humey Eraa shared the inspiring story of how she created a small RM1 store right in front of their humble home in Kampung Bebuloh Laut, Labuan. Her intention was to provide her sister, who is living with autism, with a valuable learning experience.

heartwarming! malaysian woman creates rm1 store to teach autistic sister business skillsPhoto via Facebook (Humey Eraa)

"I embarked on this journey specifically for my beloved sister, hoping to equip her with the skills necessary to run a business, even if it initially began with just RM1 sales," she wrote with genuine affection.

In order to facilitate her sister's learning process, Humey went above and beyond. She took the initiative to set up a user-friendly spreadsheet, allowing her sister to record each sale with ease.

"To simplify calculations, I created a sales record using tick marks. Different colors were assigned to cash and cashless payments," Humey lovingly explained.

Filled with gratitude, she added, "Alhamdulillah, this marks a wonderful beginning for her journey towards independence, envisioning a day when I can catch up to my late mother's aspirations."

Following their mother's passing, Humey's sister faced numerous challenges when returning to school. Sensing her sister's struggles and emotional sensitivities in the hostel, Humey made the courageous decision to keep her sister at home.

"With a sense of relief, I discovered that she was much calmer when she stayed at home after my mother's departure. Unfortunately, the hostel environment triggered frequent tantrums. Now, alhamdulillah, she can engage in selling products while indulging in her passion for reading books, memorizing the Quran, and watching movies," Humey tenderly shared.

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Posted by Humey Eraa on Friday, 16 June 2023

Witnessing Humey's unwavering dedication and innovative approach to accommodate her sister's unique abilities is truly awe-inspiring. Her extraordinary efforts have not only nurtured her sister's personal growth but have also bestowed upon her an invaluable skill set that will shape a brighter future.

This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder of the profound impact that love, understanding, and unwavering support can have on the lives of individuals with special needs. 

Humey's selflessness and determination truly exemplify the power of sibling bonds and the immeasurable potential within each and every one of us.