Kind M’sian Actress Feeds Stray Dogs at Beach While Educating Us on How to Approach This Animal

Malaysian actress Natasha Hudson has touched the hearts of netizens with a heartwarming TikTok video that promotes kindness towards stray animals. 

Filmed at Langkawi beach, the video shows Natasha feeding a group of dogs while sharing important information about how to approach them.

kind m’sian actress feeds stray dogs at beach while educating us on how to approach this animalPhoto via TikTok (@natashahudsonofficial)

Natasha explains that dogs have strong instincts, similar to horses. She advises that when interacting with dogs or cats, it's best to position ourselves lower than them, as it helps them feel more comfortable. By doing so, we show them respect and equality.

During her time at the beach, Natasha recognizes some of the dogs that had previously chased her during a jog. Knowing that these beach-dwelling dogs struggle to find enough food, she kindly provides them with dry cat food. Natasha expresses her concern for these animals, mentioning that they often face mistreatment and harm from people around them.

In the video, Natasha calls for a change in mindset towards stray animals, urging kindness and empathy. She believes that if we treat animals well, they may come to our aid when we need it. Natasha encourages others who care about animals to contribute by providing food and support, ensuring that these furry companions don't suffer unnecessarily.

Natasha's TikTok video has received positive responses from netizens, who admire her compassion towards animals and support her cause. 

@natashahudsonofficial Have respect for dogs no matter what its still gods creation. Kebaikan kita dugaan dan juga a test for us. #fyp #fypmalaysia #tiktok #tiktokmalaysia #natashahudson #socialexperiment #viral #virallagi #langkawiinfluencer #malaysianinfluencer #langkawi #pulaulangkawi #kedah #helpdogs #savedogs #bekind #jagaanjing #anjing #animals #langkawipeople #dogslife #doglover #DogVideos #apm #anggotapertahananawammalaysia #anggotapertahananawamlangkawi #rspca ♬ original sound - Natasha Hudson

Being kind towards animals is not only the right thing to do but also reflects our own humanity. Animals bring joy, companionship, and unconditional love into our lives. By showing them kindness, we foster a harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.

Additionally, practicing empathy towards animals cultivates empathy within ourselves, making us more compassionate individuals overall.

Let Natasha Hudson's video serve as a reminder that our kindness towards animals has a ripple effect, inspiring others to extend compassion and make a difference.