Kindhearted Car Wash Owner and Children in Kelantan Gives Out Free Drinks To Drivers Stuck In Traffic

Getting stuck in traffic is never fun, and neither is the sudden urge to use the bathroom when you're on the road. Sometimes, even a simple craving for a drink can make traffic feel even worse. 

kindhearted car wash owner and children in kelantan gives out free drinks to drivers stuck in trafficPhoto via TikTok (@zai.ismail)

But recently, a group of lucky drivers found themselves in a much better situation when they encountered a man with a heartwarming mission – to quench their thirst.

In a TikTok post by @zai.ismail, a man was seen handing out drinks to drivers stuck in traffic, and the best part? The drinks were absolutely free! He made sure everyone knew by putting up a "FREE" sign next to the bucket of drinks, letting everyone know they could enjoy a cool drink without paying a cent.

For those stuck in traffic, this unexpected act of kindness meant a lot, even if it was just a simple drink.

After all the drinks were given out, the man's children helped him pack up.

Reading the comments, many Malaysians recognized the man's face and shared that he runs a car wash business in Gua Musang.

Others were full of gratitude for his kind gesture, with comments like, "That's the owner of a car wash in Gua Musang, and he's a generous man."

@zai.ismail Bagus dorang ni time jem, takde kedai bukak raya pertama, dorang edarkan air free. #RayaHaji #BalikKampung #RayaHaji2023 #BalikGuaMusang ♬ Angels Like You (Sped Up) - Miley Cyrus

To some, it might seem like just a drink, but to many, it's a sign of real kindness and a willingness to help strangers, even in the blazing sun. We're sending good vibes to this kind man! If you're in the area, do you know him?