Japanese Student Chats With Auntie In Malay, Offers Her Snack To Break Fast!

This is probably the cutest video you’ll ever see today! 

A Japanese-Thai student from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore was praised for speaking fluent Malay with the owner of a stall at her campus.

japanese student chats with auntie in malay, offers her snack to break fast!Photo via TikTok (@hanae_nakaa)

The 38-second TikTok video shared by user @hanae_nakaa that recently went viral shows the girl walking over to the stall at 7:45 pm, while the owner of the stall was breaking her fast. 

She walked over to the aunty and cheerfully greeted her saying: “Selamat berbuka puasa!” while handing her a bar of chocolate. 

The aunty accepted the chocolate with a smile and continued conversing with Hana in Malay. Surprisingly, Hana could fluently reply in Malay as well, though there are some words that she could not understand properly. 

The elderly aunty asked Hana whether she had had her dinner, in which she said “Not yet.”

“Lambat lah!” the aunty responded jokingly, “Don’t eat so late, or you’ll start working slowly, no energy,” she said.

At the end of the video, they both made heart gestures to each other, laughing before ending the conversation.

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According to MS News, Hana stated that she learned the language while studying full-time in Malaysia. 

As a result, she was able to pick up a few helpful phrases from her Malaysian friends that she now uses on a daily basis.

This is so cute! What a heartwarming video!