Senawang Residents Share Their Experiences Encountering Lovely Homeless Uncle!

In a heartwarming TikTok video shared by @riezmxn_, a touching scene unfolds at a laundry place in Senawang, where a homeless man shares a poignant moment with a parent and their baby.

senawang residents share their experiences encountering lovely homeless uncle!Photo via TikTok (@riezmxn_)

The video captures the baby holding a RM1 bill, a gesture of kindness from the compassionate uncle. The online community, deeply moved by this encounter, quickly filled the comment section with heartening stories about the generous man. 

It becomes evident that this uncle, a familiar face in Senawang, has a genuine affection for children and consistently extends his generosity to them. One commenter shared, "This uncle is always in Senawang. You can tell that he really likes kids and always gives money to them."

Recalling personal experiences, another user expressed, "When my child was 3 years old, this uncle would always say hi and give money. I asked my child to shake his hand out of respect. The second time we met the uncle, he started giving little kisses to my kid."

The warmth of the uncle's spirit transcends chance encounters. A touching incident was recounted by a user who shared, "The other day, we went to eat at a chicken rice shop around the Senawang area, and coincidentally, the same uncle was there. He approached us and generously offered to give money to our child. My husband kindly suggested treating him to a meal."

These heartening stories illuminate the profound generosity that often emanates from those who have very little. Despite facing the challenges of homelessness, this uncle finds joy in sharing whatever he can with others, particularly children. 


orang macam ni pon sedekah dekat baby ni. kita yang cukup sifat , boleh bekerja pon kedekut nak sedekah walaupun seringgit. muhasabah 🤲🏻 orang senawang kenal lah pakcik ni.

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It serves as a reminder that compassion knows no boundaries and that sometimes, those who possess the least are the ones with the most generous hearts.