“She’s So Talented!” Helper Cooking Up A Storm Using Khairul Aming’s Recipes, M’sians Amazed!

Let's talk about Khairul Aming, the social media superstar and successful entrepreneur that everyone knows and loves! Khairul Aming has made a name for himself on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where he has gained over 3.7 million followers. 

He's known for his delicious recipes and his ability to inspire people to get creative in the kitchen.

During the month of fasting, Khairul Aming shared 30 Days 30 Recipes, which were a huge hit among his followers…

People of all genders tried out his mouth-watering recipes for their breaking fast meals. The recipes were easy to follow and didn't require too much preparation time, which made them perfect for those who were fasting.

“she’s so talented!” helper cooking up a storm using khairul aming’s recipes, m’sians amazed!Photo via TikTok (@ladybosskc)

But, have you seen the latest viral video? It features a talented helper cooking up a storm in the kitchen, using one of Khairul Aming's famous recipes for prawn cucur, which includes cornflakes. 

The video was uploaded by @ladybosskc on TikTok and has since gone viral. People can't stop talking about how amazing the prawn cucur looks and how talented the maid is.

Turns out, the helper is a huge fan of Khairul Aming and loves to try out his delicious recipes. She's even experimented with different ingredients to make the recipes even more delicious. 

People in the comments section are calling her a culinary genius and are asking for more videos featuring her cooking.

One netizen commented, "If only I had an auntie like this, I wouldn't have to worry about what to eat every day haha!" Another netizen said, "I can't believe how talented she is. I'm definitely going to try out this recipe at home!"

The video has reached over 201.4K views on TikTok. 


Khairul aming fan=bibiks🤣

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People in the comments section are even asking for a yellow bag to rent an aunt like this! It's amazing to see how Khairul Aming's recipes are bringing people together and inspiring creativity in the kitchen.

It's amazing to see how one person can have such a positive impact on so many people. Khairul Aming's recipes and entrepreneurial spirit are inspiring people all over the world to get creative in the kitchen and to pursue their dreams. 

Who knows what delicious meal will be cooked up next!