M’sian English Teacher Earned Praises Online For "Barbie Boxes,” Making Learning Fun For His Students

In an inspiring story, an English teacher named Muhammad Nazmi has found a heartwarming way to make learning fun by using the Barbie craze. After the release of the new Barbie movie, he cleverly brought the famous Barbie dolls into his lessons in a playful and interactive way.

Nazmi shared his story on Twitter, explaining how he created life-sized "Barbie boxes" using old boxes. These boxes looked like the photo booths you see in cinemas and advertisements.

m’sian english teacher earned praises online for barbie boxes,” making learning fun for his studentsPhoto via Twitter (@chuckee_little)

But Nazmi's idea was even more amazing. He used these boxes to get the attention of his Year 2 students and teach them different English lessons in an enjoyable way.

One of his lessons was called "What I Want in My Barbie Box?" which helped his students learn new words and describe things, while also practicing listening and speaking.

All his lesson plans used the Barbie boxes and other Barbie-related things to make learning exciting. Nazmi hopes that other teachers will also try creative ideas and make learning fun for their students.

Looking at the pictures Nazmi shared, it's clear that his students loved these interactive lessons. They were having a great time while learning!

People on Twitter praised Nazmi for his creative teaching style and love for his students. Many Malaysians said that the students are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher.

One person mentioned how Nazmi's classroom felt like a magical place where the whole world came alive. Another person admired Nazmi's passion for teaching and how he always manages to surprise and inspire them.

In this heartwarming story, we see a teacher who is making learning joyful and exciting. His classroom has become a place where students not only learn but also have a lot of fun.

Well done, cikgu!