E-Hailing Driver Lauds Siblings Who Went the Extra Mile, Even Cleaning the Car Mat!

E-hailing has made our trips easier and brought heartwarming stories.

For those who want to avoid driving or crowded public transport hassles, e-hailing is a good choice…

e-hailing driver lauds siblings who went the extra mile, even cleaning the car mat!Photo via TikTok (@pcik_azim)

In a video, an older driver shares a heartwarming story about two Indian siblings who used his e-hailing service. 

In the video, he explained that the siblings asked for a quick stop at a nearby bank because they didn't have cash for the fare. What they did next surprised the driver!

"Do you know what they did? It really touched my heart. They sat down carefully, wiped their feet before getting into the car. At that moment, I felt like I've never had customers as polite as them.

"And when we reached their stop, they paid in cash and even cleaned the car mat before leaving. You two are truly exceptional," he said with admiration.

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In short, the driver shared that these siblings were the best passengers he had in 2023, emphasising their outstanding behaviour.

The heartwarming video made people curious, leading to the driver meeting the siblings again and adding more warmth to the story.

They thanked the online community for appreciating their actions, highlighting that a pleasant journey is made possible through simple acts of discipline and cleanliness, "Brother, you haven't ridden in my taxi yet; I'll take you to the car wash," warmly commented one online user.

@pcik_azim #taxidriver #citytour #ehailingdriver ♬ original sound - PCIK AZIM

As the heartwarming story spread, the video got 166.9K views, 7,620 likes, and 786 comments on TikTok, resonating with those who appreciate kindness and thoughtful gestures.