“Everybody Is Welcome!” Chris Martin's Heartfelt Response to Coldplay's Show in Malaysia

Excitement fills the air as Coldplay prepares to grace the shores of Malaysia with their highly anticipated concert this November…

Despite the challenges faced along the way, lead singer Chris Martin took a moment to discuss the upcoming performance and share heartfelt messages of love and acceptance during an interview with radio DJs Anne Jacyntha and Arnold Loh of the HITZ Morning Crew.

“everybody is welcome!” chris martin's heartfelt response to coldplay's show in malaysiaPhoto via Instagram (@hitz)

Reflecting on their first-ever performance in Malaysia, Martin expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to visit a country they have long dreamed of performing in. 

Their goal has always been to reach new places and connect with fans, even in locations that may present logistical difficulties. Kuala Lumpur holds a special place in their hearts, and they are thrilled to finally bring their music to the Malaysian audience.

In a touching moment, the DJs asked if he had a message for their Malaysian fans. Taking the opportunity to address the controversies surrounding the concert, Martin spoke about the band's deep admiration and respect for Malaysia, a sentiment they have held from afar for a long time.

He emphasized the sense of love and warmth he feels whenever he meets Malaysian people. With genuine sincerity, he extended an open invitation to all, emphasizing that Coldplay's show is a space for everyone. Regardless of background, religion, or beliefs, all people are welcome with open arms.

Martin's words echoed a powerful message of inclusivity and acceptance. He emphasized that Coldplay loves and embraces all individuals, acknowledging that diversity enriches our collective experience. 

In a world where division sometimes prevails, this reminder of unity and love is a beacon of hope.

To those who may not share the same enthusiasm for their visit, Martin expressed a heartfelt sentiment. He offered an apology for any discontent but made it clear that their love extends to all, regardless of differing opinions.

Coldplay's message serves as a reminder of the power of love and kindness. It encourages us to embrace diversity, celebrate our unique identities, and create a world where everyone can be themselves without judgment or exclusion. 

As the band prepares to grace the stage in Malaysia, their music will undoubtedly resonate, not only through their captivating melodies but also through the profound message of unity they share.

Let us embrace the love and kindness Coldplay brings, and may it inspire us all to spread compassion and acceptance in our own lives, creating a brighter and more inclusive world for everyone.


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We can’t wait for their concert in KL!