Chinese Woman Captures Netizens’ Attention For Singing “Galau” Indonesian Song

Everyone has their own favorite songs, right?

No matter the genre or language of the song, music is universal and anyone can enjoy it.

chinese woman captures netizens’ attention after singing “galau” indonesian songPhoto via Twitter (@atikayazidd)

Just like this video on Twitter, where someone recorded their Chinese friend's joyful behavior while singing a song by an Indonesian group, which caught a lot of attention.

In the video, we can see a Chinese girl sitting in a car with her friends.

She is seen fully immersed in the song by the Indonesian group, d'masiv. What's even more interesting is that she sings along and adds various dance moves.

Her friends are entertained by her lively performance.

Meanwhile, the comments section reveals that many netizens have reacted and shared similar experiences, "I give her A++ for enthusiasm!"

At the time of writing this article, the video has gained over 608.8K views and 4,008 retweets on Twitter.

The beauty of this video goes beyond borders, showcasing the joy that music brings and the ability to connect people from different cultures. 

In Malaysia, this diversity and understanding of multiple languages are ingrained in the fabric of society…

As Malaysians, we have the unique advantage of growing up in a multilingual environment, where we effortlessly switch between languages like Malay, English, Chinese, and Tamil. This linguistic flexibility allows us to appreciate and enjoy songs from various cultures, transcending language barriers.

So, let's continue celebrating our love for music, regardless of its origin or language. Let's embrace the universal language that music offers and find unity in its melodies. Because in Malaysia, our ability to understand and appreciate different languages is part of what makes our cultural tapestry so vibrant and special!