Bang Yong-Guk Pausing Concert to Allow Fans Perform Prayers Receives Praise From M’sians

He IS the standard! 

Amidst the controversies surrounding The 1975's actions at the cancelled Good Vibes Festival, South Korean rapper and singer Bang Yong-Guk showcased a commendable display of respect for the local culture during his recent performance in Malaysia.

bang yong-guk pausing concert to allow fans perform prayers receives praise from m’siansPhoto via Twitter (@msiakpopfans)

At the Colors of Bang Yongguk show held at the Shantanand Auditorium in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, the artist addressed the audience in Korean, with an interpreter translating his message. He announced that the show, which began at 7 pm, would take a 15-minute break to allow Muslim attendees to observe and perform the Maghrib prayers.

Bang Yong-Guk's thoughtfulness didn't end there. He also extended his consideration to fans from outside of Malaysia, expressing his hope for their understanding and appreciation of the prayer break. The artist and the show's management went to great lengths to ensure the comfort and respect of the local audience by providing two prayer breaks and a dedicated prayer room.

The heartwarming gesture by Bang Yong-Guk reflects his genuine respect for the local culture and traditions, leaving a positive impression on the Malaysian audience. His actions serve as an inspiring example of how international artists can embrace and honor the customs of the countries they perform in.

This display of cultural respect deserves commendation and raises the question of whether such practices should become standard in entertainment events in the future. By acknowledging and accommodating the cultural practices of the host country, artists can foster deeper connections with their audience and create a more inclusive and memorable experience for everyone.

This is amazing! Thank you, Bang Yong-Guk, for your kindness and understanding!