M’sian Recalls Meeting Elderly Woman Who Sells Food At Airport To Pay For Her Medical Bills

One Malaysian recently recalled the moment she met a Makcik who sells home cooked food to the people waiting at the airport. 

The story has since gone viral on Twitter…

In her tweet, she shared how she bumped into an elderly woman who approached her and asked whether she wanted to buy some food, “When I was at the airport just now, this Makcik came to me and asked if I wanted to buy nasi rendang ayam, ayam masak merah.

“At first I just said no. Then when she was walking away, I saw her pulling a shopping trolley filled with packed foods,” her tweet reads.

The woman then went over to the Makcik and decided to buy two packs of the ayam masak merah. 

“Did you make this all by yourself?” she asked the Makcik, in which the elderly woman replied saying that she has been trying to save up enough money to pay for her cancer treatment. 

“She must be around 60+ years old and still working,” she continued.

Her tweet has since garnered over 2.4 million views at the time of writing.

Netizens responding to the tweet noted that the Makcik can be seen at the Mitsui Outlet Park at KLIA in Sepang, or around the KLIA and KLIA2 area. 

One person commented saying that she has seen the Makcik giving food to the airport staff, “I didn’t know she was selling food to cover for her medical bills.”

“I just recently bought three packs from her. Hopefully more people will buy her food if you see her at the airport,” another person commented. 

After the tweet went viral, Malaysians have since urged those waiting at the airport to buy the Makcik’s food, and even wanted to crowdfund to help ease the Makcik’s burden.

This is so sad. We hope the Makcik is doing well.