M'sian Singer Aina Abdul Receives Heartwarming Surprise After Learning That Korean Fans Travelled To See Her Perform

Singer and composer Aina Abdul received a heartwarming surprise when she learned that Korean fans, residing outside of Seoul, had made the journey to witness her performance at the prestigious 'ABU TV Song Festival 2023,' hosted by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) on a Sunday. 

Aina, known for her hit song "Semalam," was deeply touched by the opportunity to share her talent with international fans.


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She expressed her gratitude, saying, "I was deeply moved to discover that there were fans who had travelled a great distance from outside of Seoul just to witness the live performance. This chance to perform at the festival allowed me to fulfil my dream of entertaining fans beyond the borders of my home country."

In a statement on Monday, she added, "I hope that last night's performance on Sunday resonated with all the audience, whether in the venue or watching from their homes. Perhaps, after experiencing the program, my name will gain more recognition in South Korea, my fanbase will expand, and they will begin to follow the evolution of my music."

Aina's performance captivated an audience of nearly 2,000 attendees at the event and was also viewed by millions of fans at home through her renowned composition, "Terus Hidup."

Furthermore, Aina regarded the opportunity to represent Malaysia on the international stage as a truly special and honourable experience throughout her almost decade-long journey as an artist. She stated, "This experience not only adds a positive dimension to my artistic career but can be described as one of the most significant experiences I've had as a singer. Knowing that this program is also broadcast on KBS and that my performance reached millions of South Koreans, I cannot emphasise enough how meaningful this opportunity is. 

“Even though I performed just one song, I am proud to bring the name and cherished culture of Malaysia to the global stage."


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She also highlighted the global reputation of the K-Pop industry and the wide-reaching influence of KBS as one of the primary platforms for famous K-Pop artists.

The event featured 11 celebrated singers from 11 countries, with Aina representing Malaysia. The roster included artists such as Tia Ray (China), Chau Kat Pui (Hong Kong), Malini Awasthi (India), Ayaka Hirahara (Japan), Mamamoo+ (South Korea), Winifai (Macau), Sheron Silva (Sri Lanka), Annamyradow Begmyrat (Turkmenistan), Umut Sülünoğlu & Uğur Önür (Turkey), and Erik Lê Trung Thành (Vietnam).

This prestigious 12th edition of the song festival was hosted by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and took place at KBS Hall in Seoul, South Korea, on Sunday night.


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In other news, Aina announced her plans to host a large-scale solo concert, 'A Night With Aina Abdul' 3.0, organised by the National Caring Foundation (PRIHATIN) and Aina Abdul Entertainment (AAE). 

The concert is scheduled to take place at the Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil on November 18. Due to the high demand from fans, the organisers have expanded ticket categories, including MIP, Platinum, and Silver. The concert aims to accommodate approximately 10,000 attendees, and to date, over 80% of the total tickets have been sold.