Abang Canteen Shares His ‘First Day Of School’ Experience, M’sians Praise Him For Being Kind!

We all remember the first time we had to pay for our own food at school… and it was nerve-racking! 

A TikTok user, who works at a school canteen shared his ‘first day of school’ experience. 

abang canteen shares his ‘first day of school’ experience, m’sians praise him for being kind!Photo via TikTok (@apex.20)

In the video, shared by TikTok user @apex.20 shows a man kindly and patiently helping a group of primary one students with their food. He is even seen counting their money for them so they know how much they are paying for their food. 

He even made sure that the students keep their money back inside their wallets or their packets before letting them leave. 

One girl came over to buy a plate of rice and fried chicken, however she only had RM1, which he gladly took and gave the rice to the girl.

He also calmly explained to the little girl how much she would need to bring to school in order to be able to buy a plate of food and a drink.

“Tell your father, okay? You need two of these (RM1 notes) to buy one plate of rice,” while showing her the RM1 note. 

The video has since garnered over 859,000 views at the time of writing.


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Malaysians were touched and took to the comment section to praise the Abang for being kind and patient with the kids, “Dealing with kids is not easy, and this Abang did it exceptionally!”

“The girl with the RM1 note made me cry. Thank you for being kind to her. She might be from an underprivileged family.”

One person even offered to pay it forward for the girl who only brought RM1 with her, “Can I give you RM20? I would like to help pay for her food for 20 days. Her RM1 + my RM1 if that’s possible,” the man asked. 

How kind!